Coconut Project



Empower women artisans in Guyana by showcasing their beautiful craft through entrepreneurship.
The coconut project formed from a simple idea of creating opportunities for women in Guyana and using resources from everyday life, the coconut. Rooted in Guyanese culture and a love for the land, Indigenous Coconut Oil was born to share the health benefits of the coconut with the world while creating an impact in the local society. When you buy an Indigenous Coconut Oil product, you are directly supporting women entrepreneurs in Guyana, as we use locally sourced, organically grown coconuts to create our products.
Our coconut oil is hand made by Amerindian women located along the Pomeroon River which is in the Essequibo region of Guyana. When you invest in our product, you help us employ everything we've got in order to keep supporting this women's group. As you purchase, we re order! One of our goals is to partner with more villages and continue to be a platform to market natural products from Guyana and Indigenous communities.



Coconut oil has always been used in my family as a moisturizer for our skin, hair and so much more. With coconuts being one of the most versatile foods with numerous forms and functions, it's natural wonders have always enthralled me. In Guyanese culture, it's common to utilize every part of the coconut tree, the husk, meat, water, leaves, trunk, and even the roots. This "all in one" natural source is beneficial for you inside and out. Many signs lead me to choose the wonderful "Tree of life" as my product of choice.


indigenous-coconut-activated-charcoalThere is a tremendous waste of coconut shells in Guyana. By choosing a coconut shell product, you are actively supporting the preservation of forests and utilizing wasted by-product in the agricultural industry.