You heard right, Guyana is located on the North Atlantic coast of SOUTH AMERICA.  ENGLISH is the official language of Guyana but, when you take your first trip (because I know you will soon) you may notice a Caribbean accent. This is known as Guyanese Creole or "Creolese" - An English based creole language spoken by the people of Guyana. I know, sounds confusing right? Trust me, It's beautiful and so are the people. Guyana's NATURAL beauty and natural resources are on a different scale altogether.

Guyana's strong cultural, HISTORICAL and political ties with other Caribbean countries is what makes it considered part of the CARIBBEAN. Although it's snuggled between Venezuela, Brazil, and Suriname, Guyana hosted the Cricket World Cup in 2007. Along with sports, festive events, food, and music - all these things make Guyana similar to the West Indies.


The INDIGENOUS people of Guyana are known locally as Amerindians. They are the descendants of the FIRST PEOPLE to inhabit the varied geographical areas in the northern part of South America. The standard of living of Guyana's indigenous groups is lower than most citizens in Guyana. The 9 indigenous tribes are the Pemon, Akawaio, Wai Wai, Macushi, Patamona, Lokono, Kalina, Wapishana, and Warao. Many Amerindian tribes in the interior regions of Guyana use their own traditional MEDICINES which their ANCESTORS have used for centuries.

AGRICULTURE production is the backbone for Amerindian's livelihood, as it is for so many people in Guyana. COCONUTS are included as an important crop for their many uses. Coconut oil is a magical super food that has amazing properties which are beneficial for you inside and out, from head to toe. The uses are almost endless. (I've even used it to rid the noise of a squeaky door - consider that door healthy!) 


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